High Efficiency Technology

High Efficiency Technology

Today, steam methane reforming (SMR) is the most widely used process for the generation of hydrogen. Steam methane reforming (SMR) is a process in which methane from natural gas is heated, with steam and a catalyst, to produce hydrogen.

The BayoTech Advantage

BayoTech’s unique steam methane reformer design (the bayonet nested flow reactor) uses heat more efficiently than traditional methods of hydrogen production. Our reformers achieve high energy efficiency without dependence on exported steam by high recuperation of heat for internal use.

For our customers, this translates to less feedstock used, lower carbon emissions and lower costs to produce the same amount of hydrogen.

From a sustainability point of view, this offers a few advantages:

Our patented reformer uses 20-30% less energy, making more productive use of the feedstock.

Beyond natural gas, our system can use a wide variety of feedstocks, included biogenic sources of methane, to make best use of local resources.

Through the efficient use of heat and power, we minimize energy inputs in energy production.

We minimize use of scarce water resources through heat management in our processes, avoiding water cooling, and eliminating over-production of steam.

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