Making Hydrogen Easy®

Low-cost, low-carbon hydrogen delivered on demand

Converting your business to hydrogen can seem complex and costly. But it doesn’t need to be. Partnering with BayoTech makes hydrogen easy for you.

We’re producing affordable hydrogen locally and delivering it right to you in the amount you need. So you can get on with decarbonizing your business. And leave the details to us.

BayoGaaS™ Hydrogen Hubs

Introducing a whole new way to supply hydrogen.

BayoTech produces hydrogen at our BayoGaaS™ hubs and distributes it to customers via three-times more efficient high-pressure transport trailers. We’ll fuel your application directly from our trailers or fill your on-site storage cylinders. High-pressure delivery and on-site storage means less frequent trips to your site, minimizing disruptions.

The first BayoGaaS™ Hydrogen Hub is now operational in Missouri. To access low-cost, low-carbon hydrogen, get in touch today.

Hydrogen production in Wentzville, MO

Future production site in Stockton, CA.

Making Hydrogen Easy®

Molecule to Fit Any Equation

BayoTech can produce molecules in a wide range of methods to meet various carbon emission thresholds.


Low carbon hydrogen produced by BayoTech’s SMR system from pipeline natural gas.

Produced at cost parity with diesel, with a 42% reduction in emissions when consumed at point of production.


Low carbon hydrogen produced by fueling BayoTech’s SMR system with a blend of renewable natural gas (RNG).

RNG is sourced from dairy, food waste & landfills.


Carbon neutral or carbon negative hydrogen produced by fueling BayoTech’s SMR system with a RNG blend > 30%.


Low carbon hydrogen produced by teaming BayoTech SMR with carbon capture utilization and storage equipment (CCUS).


BayoTech’s compact, modular and scalable steam methane reformers are more energy efficient than traditional hydrogen production. Building on technology first developed by Sandia National Laboratory, BayoTech’s proprietary design leverages high heat recuperation to achieve greater energy efficiency. Our patented reformer uses 20-30% less energy, saving money and reducing carbon footprint.

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