Ground Storage Modules

High-pressure ground storage modules maximize hydrogen availability in the industry’s smallest footprint.

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Ground storage modules produced by BayoTech are ideal for long-term bulk hydrogen storage. The compact container footprint makes for a flexible hydrogen storage option, suitable to support fuel cell vehicle refueling stations, backup power at critical infrastructure sites or on-site hydrogen production. 

Key Benefits
High-pressure, high-capacity cylinders are rack mounted in secure storage pods. Store up to 165,000 scf of hydrogen in a 20’ container.
Our modular, upgradable approach enables customers to match on-site hydrogen storage with their near-term needs and increase supply as demand grows.
A tranducer-based telementry system remotely monitors the location and pressure of the module, eliminates routine maintenance visits.
Best in class safety features include thermally-activated pressure relief devices, welded manifold connections for leak prevention and rapidly venting cylinders.
Ground Storage Modules
GSM30-250 GSM60-350 GSM520
Working pressure 250 bar / 3,600 psig* 250 bar / 3,600 psig* 350 bar / 5,075 psig**
Cylinder water volume 250 bar / 3,600 psig* 350 bar / 5,000 psig* 520 bar / 7,500 psig**
# of cylinders 30 60 25
Total water volume (scf) 8,250 liters / 291.6 scf 16,500 liters / 583 scf 7,875 liters / 287.1 scf
Hydrogen capacity (scf) 146 kgs / 61,826 scf 385 kgs / 162,739 scf 251 kgs / 105,847 scf
Tare weight (lbs) 13,000 29,600 16,720
Gross weight (lbs) 13,350 30,600 17,000
Pod dimensions (WxHxL) 118” x 96” x 104” 240’ x 102” x 114” 129” x 102” x 96”


*Other options may be available depending on your use case, please reach out to us to determine the best product for your application.

*Bayotech Ground Storage MUST be AHJ approved and permitting/approval may vary depending on location.

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