BayoGaaS™ Hydrogen Hubs

Introducing a whole new way to supply hydrogen.

Hydrogen Hubs
planned in the US and UK

BayoGaaS™ Hydrogen Hubs

Today, most hydrogen is produced at a few centralized production plants for supply directly to refiners and chemical manufacturers. For customers in other regions, hydrogen must be liquified and trucked long distances. The hydrogen supply is expensive and unreliable, with a high carbon footprint.

The BayoGaaS™ Hydrogen Hub turns that whole idea around. Producing on a small scale with our unique technology, we make hydrogen much more efficiently, affordably and with lower carbon intensity.

A game-changer for clean hydrogen production.


BayoTech’s network of distributed hydrogen hubs produce 1 to 5 tons of hydrogen per day.


Our patented reformer uses 20-30% less energy, saving money and reducing carbon footprint.

Lower Emissions and Cost

We locate hubs close to our customers, so delivery is short haul - lowering both emissions and costs.

Higher Pressure. Higher Profits

We deliver using high-pressure gas cylinders, to pack 3 times more hydrogen into every load, making deliveries practical and efficient.

Carbon Negative

Local sources of renewable natural gas or other natural feedstocks can generate carbon-negative hydrogen, customizable to your sustainability goals.

Making Hydrogen Easy

Converting your business to hydrogen can seem complex and costly. But it doesn’t need to be. Partnering with BayoTech makes hydrogen easy for you. We’re producing affordable hydrogen locally and delivering it right to you in the amount you need. So you can get on with decarbonizing your business. And leave the details to us.

BayoGaaS™ Hydrogen Hubs are already being built and installed at sites throughout the United States and United Kingdom. To find a location near you and access low-cost, low-carbon hydrogen, get in touch.