No Liquefaction,
Less Transportation

Realizing the Potential

When hydrogen leaves a traditional steam methane reformation plant it is liquified for transportation purposes and typically transported hundreds of miles to the end user via diesel truck. This transportation alone results in a significant amount of carbon dioxide emissions, in addition to particulate matter and NOx which degrade local air quality and human health.

The BayoTech Advantage

BayoTech is disrupting the established centralized hydrogen supply chain with a new, highly efficient model of distributed hydrogen hubs. From the hubs, locally produced hydrogen is distributed to nearby consumers via BayoTech high-pressure gas transport and storage equipment. We’re dramatically shortening the distance that hydrogen is transported and avoiding liquefaction, greatly reducing carbon dioxide and other pollution resulting from typical distribution of hydrogen.

BayoTech’s patented high-pressure, high-capacity trailers transport three times more hydrogen per trip than traditional steel tube trailers. The higher payloads translate into fewer delivery trips and less carbon emissions.