Port of Stockton BayoGaaS™ Hydrogen Hub

BayoTech is Making Hydrogen Easy™ at the Port of Stockton in Northern California.

In the push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality around ports, the industry is looking to hydrogen. It’s a clean energy source that can power heavy duty trucks, material handling equipment and power generators.

BayoTech’s planned hydrogen production hub at the Port of Stockton will provide the region with a reliable, renewable source of hydrogen. Development is underway for a facility that will produce two tonnes of hydrogen per day. BayoTech will deliver the hydrogen to customers within the region, beginning in mid-2025.

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At BayoTech, safety is one our core missions.


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BayoTech’s compact, modular and scalable steam methane reformers are more energy efficient than traditional hydrogen production. Building on technology first developed by Sandia National Laboratory, BayoTech’s proprietary design leverages high heat recuperation to achieve greater energy efficiency. Our patented reformer uses 20-30% less energy, saving money and reducing carbon footprint.

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