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Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Backup Power Systems

With the progression of climate change, extreme weather events are becoming more common. With them, comes power supply disruptions. In California, utilities have implemented public safety power shutoffs in an attempt to mitigate the risk of wildfires. Heat waves and storms caused blackouts for hundreds of thousands of customers in Texas and on the East Coast.

Frequent power outages are becoming an unfortunate norm and are impacting U.S. businesses. In fact, the DOE recently estimated that outages are costing the U.S. economy $150 billion annually.

Traditionally, businesses have used diesel generators to provide power during an outage. Although these systems are reliable and well-established, growing environmental concerns are driving customers to seek an alternative. Fuel cell backup power systems offer a number of advantages:

Clean, Zero-Emissions Operation

Hydrogen fuel cell systems emit no air pollutants or noise, and can be operated in environmentally-sensitive locations, including neighborhoods and national parks.

Proven Reliability

Fuel cells offer long continuous runtime and durability in harsh outdoor environments. And with fewer moving parts, they require less maintenance than generators.

Scalable Power

Systems are sized from low kilowatts to multi-megawatts to meet the power demands of any application.

Applications for Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Backup Power Systems

Loss of power to critical communications infrastructure can pose a significant safety and financial risk. Reliable backup power systems are paramount in the following industries:

In our increasingly connected world, communications network stability has never been more important. Continuity of service is a critical metric for telecom network operators.

The world’s technology depends on data centers. Data centers need reliable backup power to protect critical data in the event of an outage on the main power source.

In a mission-critical situation, loss of power is unacceptable. Emergency response networks, flight guidance systems and public safety radio systems depend on uninterrupted service.

The BayoTech Solution

Hydrogen fuel cell-powered backup power systems provide clean and quiet backup power. But the systems are only as reliable as their hydrogen fuel supply. That’s why North America’s largest telecommunications providers trust BayoTech.

BayoTech delivers hydrogen fuel to a network of more than 3,000 backup power sites throughout the United States. Our compact, lightweight trailers can be easily towed to any location remote or urban. Hydrogen storage cylinders are filled onsite, minimizing disruption, and keeping systems in service. And our remote monitoring systems let us know when more fuel is required, guaranteeing your backup power systems are ready to go whenever there’s a power interruption – planned or unplanned.