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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Buses

Transit agencies have options when it comes to zero-emission buses. So why choose hydrogen? Deployments around the world have proven that hydrogen fuel cell buses offer the best of both worlds, combining the operating performance of traditional diesel buses with zero-emission tailpipe emissions of battery electric buses. Benefits include:

Greater Mileage

A range of up to 300 miles between refueling


Hydrogen filling stations are scalable to fill 100 of buses with minimal infrastructure

Fast Refueling

Buses are refilled in less than 10 minutes and ready to return to service

All Weather Performance

Consistent power delivery during the duty cycle, in heat and cold

The BayoTech Solution

Whether you’re trialing your first fuel cell bus or operating a full fleet, BayoTech has the right hydrogen fueling solution. BayoTech’s range of flexible, modular and scalable infrastructure solutions grow with your fleet. Leave the details of hydrogen supply to us and focus on what you do best – providing exceptional transit services.