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Fueling Solutions for Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Drones

Drones have evolved beyond their military origin to become powerful business tools. They’re being put to work in a wide range of commercial applications, from package delivery to land inspection. While the market is experiencing exponential growth, drone technology is still challenged by limited flight durations and load capacity.

While battery powered drones are suitable for short-range drone operations, hydrogen fuel cell-powered drones overcome the constraints of batteries:

Extended Range

Hydrogen fuel cells give commercial drones 2-4x the range of batteries.

Longer Flight Times

Increased flight endurance boosts productivity, allowing far more to be achieved in a single flight.

Fast Refueling

The fast-refueling capabilities of hydrogen cylinders minimizes downtime in operations.

The benefits of hydrogen fuel cell-powered drones are clear, and the market is growing. In fact, the Hydrogen Council estimates that, by 2030, up to 40% of all drones will be powered by fuel cells.

Applications for Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Drones

Any application that can benefit from longer drone flights can gain an operational advantage by joining the hydrogen revolution.

In large commercial farming operations, gather a greater quantity of aerial data on crops in a shorter amount of time.


When filming, benefit from silent operation and extended flight times with no downtime to recharge batteries.


Cover huge amounts of land in a short amount of time to identify potential problems, like wildfires.


Longer flight times mean the ability to reach locations that are farther away and deliver more packages.

Pipelines and powerlines stretch for miles. The longer a drone stays in the air, the more quickly an inspection is conducted.

Military and homeland security teams can cover more area and complete more missions with longer drone flights.