Hydrogen Solutions for Industrial Applications

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Hydrogen Solutions for Industrial Applications

Hydrogen has a long history of being utilized in a wide variety of industries like oil refining, ammonia production, and methanol production. Other uses are being explored, such as a replacement for coal and other carbon emitting fuels in glassmaking, steelmaking and making concrete. These are all carbon intensive processes that are suited for decarbonization via hydrogen.

Your Reliable Local Hydrogen Partner

BayoTech’s BayoGaaS™ Hydrogen Hubs are a whole new way to supply hydrogen. We’re building a network of distributed hydrogen production hubs throughout the United States. From these highly efficient production hubs, low-cost, low-carbon hydrogen is delivered directly to your facility. Because we locate production close to our customers, delivery is short haul – lowering both carbon and costs even further.

Trust BayoTech to deliver locally produced hydrogen – when and where you need it, every time.

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