Hydrogen Solutions for Fuel Cell Fleets

Take the worry out of hydrogen supply with BayoTech’s fuel and infrastructure solutions.

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Gas Transport Module – H2

Zero-Emission Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Powered by hydrogen, fuel cells provide silent, responsive, consistent, zero-emission power – while only emitting water as a byproduct. Commercial vehicles operating on the road, rail, sea, or air benefit from quick refueling time, long operational range and proven durability.

The benefits are clear, but one challenge remains. For businesses moving to hydrogen, getting an affordable – and reliable – source of hydrogen has been tough.


Your Local Hydrogen Partner

BayoTech’s BayoGaaS™ Hydrogen Hubs are a whole new way to supply hydrogen. We’re building a network of distributed hydrogen production hubs throughout the United States. From these highly efficient production hubs, low-cost, low-carbon hydrogen is delivered directly to your fleet. Because we locate production close to our customers, delivery is short haul – lowering both carbon and costs even further.


Hydrogen Made Easy

BayoTech is taking the complexity out of hydrogen for new users. We’re making it more affordable and accessible to get started using hydrogen. Flexible supply agreements let you purchase hydrogen on a per kilogram basis with minimal infrastructure investment. High-pressure, high-capacity trailers bring hydrogen right to your site to directly fill on-site storage tanks. Modular storage capacity grows with your demand.

Whether you’re fueling a single fuel cell system or 100, count on BayoTech
for hydrogen solutions that are right-sized for your business.

Key Benefits

BayoTech produces hydrogen locally and transports it short distances to nearby customers. On-site storage and dispensing equipment is available for purchase or lease. This translates into affordable, sustainable hydrogen for your operations with minimal capital investment.
BayoTech’s commitment is to get hydrogen to our customers wherever and whenever they need it. Our planned network of distributed production hubs provides redundancy. Natural disasters or unplanned outages will not disrupt your fuel supply.
BayoTech is your trusted fueling solution provider as your fuel cell equipment fleet grows. Purchase as much hydrogen as you need on a per kilogram basis. BayoTech customers can start smaller and grow faster through our compact, scalable hydrogen storage and fueling solutions.

Hydrogen Solutions for Fleets



Making hydrogen fuel more accessible
for transit agencies with scalable supply and infrastructure solutions.



Supplying hydrogen
and fueling solutions to quickly
and reliably fuel your fleet.