Hydrogen Solutions for Power Generation

Hydrogen is a versatile and sustainable energy carrier that has the potential to transform the way we generate power.

BayoTech is committed to being your trusted hydrogen solution provider.

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Reliable Power for Critical Infrastructure

With the increasing reliance on connectivity, the loss of power during an outage can be costly for both the telecom provider and the customer. Hydrogen fuel cells provide a reliable, clean, and quiet source of backup power that can keep essential telecommunications equipment running during an outage. Fueled by hydrogen, telecommunications providers can ensure uninterrupted service and reduce their environmental impact.

Decarbonizing Natural Gas

Natural gas utilities can leverage hydrogen as a way to decarbonize their operations and reduce their carbon footprint. Hydrogen can be blended with natural gas to create a low-carbon fuel that can be used to power homes and businesses. This blend, known as “hydrogen-enriched natural gas,” can be transported using existing natural gas infrastructure, making it a cost-effective option for utilities.

Key Benefits

BayoTech produces hydrogen locally and transports it short distances to nearby customers. On-site storage and dispensing equipment is available for purchase or lease. This translates into affordable, sustainable hydrogen for your operations with minimal capital investment.
BayoTech’s commitment is to get hydrogen to our customers wherever and whenever they need it. Our planned network of distributed production hubs provides redundancy. Natural disasters or unplanned outages will not disrupt your fuel supply.
BayoTech is your trusted fueling solution provider as your fuel cell equipment fleet grows. Purchase as much hydrogen as you need on a per kilogram basis. BayoTech customers can start smaller and grow faster through our compact, scalable hydrogen storage and fueling solutions.