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Fueling Solutions for Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Trucks

Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from transportation account for about 29% of total U.S. GHG emissions, the most of any sector. Transitioning today’s trucks from mostly diesel to zero-emission technology will significantly reduce the negative environmental impact of freight transport.

Hydrogen fuel cells deliver the range, payload capacity, refuel time and all-weather performance that commercial trucking needs.

Benefits include:

Long Range

Hydrogen fuel cell-powered trucks have up to twice the range of battery electric trucks

Cargo Capacity

The high energy density of hydrogen keeps the weight of the tractor-trailer low and payload capacity high

Fast Refueling

It takes minutes to refuel, ensuring the truck is on the road generating revenue for the fleet operator

Hydrogen fuel cells offer a zero-emission transport solution without any compromise in performance the industry has come to expect from diesel trucks.

Applications for Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Trucks

Applications best suited for hydrogen refueling are those that operate on a back-to-base model. Fleets start and end their day at a central depot, where they are refueled at the co-located fueling station.

Long Haul Transport

Hydrogen fuel cells are ideal for fleet-based Class 4-8 trucks needing combinations of high utilization, heavy payloads, and long range.


With a variety of cargo handling equipment operating 24/7 in high-pollution centers, ports are an ideal center for hydrogen fleet deployments.

Mining and Construction

Only hydrogen can directly replace diesel power for mining and construction vehicles and cut GHG emissions with no compromise in productivity.

Refuse Trucks

For municipalities looking to “green” their operations, fuel cell electric refuse trucks are an essential part of the solution.

The BayoTech Solution

BayoTech’s locating hydrogen hubs in strategic geographic regions to support zero-emission fleet operators. Producing on a small scale with our unique technology, we make hydrogen much more efficiently, cost-effectively and with low carbon intensity. We locate hubs close to our customers, so delivery is short haul - lowering both emissions and costs.

These hydrogen hubs will play a key role in connecting distribution centers, ensuring the zero-emission transport of goods and accelerating the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles.

For fleet operators that are new to hydrogen fuel cell-powered trucks, the cost and accessibility of fueling solutions has been a challenge. Now, you can try hydrogen without large upfront capital investment or long-term commitments. BayoTech’s compact trailers transport hydrogen right to your depot and directly fill your fuel cell trucks. Pay for hydrogen by the kilogram and only purchase the amount you need. Avoid the overhead cost of hydrogen storage and dispensing equipment. It’s the ideal temporary solution for pilot programs.

As your zero-emission fleet grows, BayoTech is your trusted partner to meet your hydrogen fuel needs. BayoTech is the only company in the industry to offer low-cost, turn-key fueling solutions for small fleet deployments of less than five vehicles. BayoTech delivers the amount of hydrogen you need via our high-pressure transport trailers for storage at your depot. It’s then dispensed onsite from our skid-based dispenser. The footprint is compact and permitting is simplified. It’s the fastest way to get hydrogen fueling at your depot with minimal commitment.

As your fleet grows up to twenty fuel cell-powered trucks, rely on BayoTech for low-carbon, low-cost hydrogen fuel delivered right to your site from our local production hubs. Our high-pressure transport trailers are an efficient, compact transport and storage solution. Hydrogen pressure is monitored remotely, and trailers are swapped onsite for refilling as fuel is depleted. It’s an ideal solution for depots with limited space or existing dispensing infrastructure.

For fleets of more than twenty trucks, onsite production of hydrogen is the lowest cost fueling solution. BayoTech-owned hydrogen production plants are sited at your depot for on-site hydrogen generation, storage, compression and dispensing. BayoTech’s modular systems are built for efficient scaling and can produce up to five tons of hydrogen per day, per location. Leave the capital expense and operational considerations to BayoTech, knowing you have a reliable source of hydrogen at hand.

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