1/4 Turn Valves

The most complete high-pressure solution available.

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The ¼-Turn Valve is the perfect solution for high-pressure gaseous applications. Available for both cylinder and line usage, this valve provides a high-strength, light-weight construction for maximum flexibility. Delivering quick on/off full flow, it supports control over the entire system movement while providing complete leakage security with fitted, long-lasting seals.

Key Benefits
NorAm’s ¼-Turn Valve line is offered in two formats to fit multiple applications:

1. Tank Head Valve - Provides composite cylinder manufacturers the most complete high-pressure solution on the market today. Available in 450 bar and 520 bar configurations to suit customer needs.

2. In-Line Valve - Provides a lightweight, reliable, high pressure, ball valve design. Available with NPT, SAE, 600 cone & thread ports, the valve gives customers flexibility and reliability with critical in-line valves.
The ¼-Turn Valve includes NorAm Valve’s proprietary glass-blub pressure relief device (PRD). The PRD ensures emergency venting can occur efficiently and rapidly, thereby greatly improving safety.

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