BayoTech and Cross River Infrastructure Partners Announce Hydrogen Gas-as-a-Service

Albuquerque, NM, (June 30, 2020) – BayoTech, an innovative on-site hydrogen production company, has announced a partnership with Cross River Infrastructure Partners, a sustainable infrastructure development platform, to form a company which will provide customers in North America with distributed, low cost, low carbon hydrogen gas-as-a-service.  This will enable customers to obtain dependable access to hydrogen without having to spend capital on infrastructure.

BayoTech and CrossRiver Logos

Wendy Rollstin, CFO of BayoTech, commented on the new company, “We are excited about the partnership with Cross River and have already started receiving lots of interest from customers looking for low cost hydrogen today. Now in addition to customers being able to buy, lease or rent BayoTech hydrogen generators they can purchase hydrogen directly from BayoTech.”

Aaron Ratner, Operating Partner at Cross River Infrastructure Partners said, “Hydrogen is playing an increasingly important role as a dependable source of energy for a low carbon future, across transportation, heavy machinery and ammonia production. As the next generation of sustainable infrastructure is deployed, the ability to provide scalable and cost competitive solutions as a service will be critical to achieving the industry’s climate objectives. We look forward to working with the BayoTech team to create a network of modular hydrogen distribution services across North America to address the rising demand for hydrogen in the market”.