BayoTech Partners with Cascadia Energy Technologies

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (December 21, 2021) — BayoTech, Inc. is pleased to welcome our newest authorized agent, Cascadia Energy Technologies, to the BayoTech team. Based in Corvallis, OR, Cascadia Energy Technologies is a developer of renewable energy projects with a focus on zero-emission transportation. Through its President and Co-Founder, John Gentile, Cascadia Energy Technologies will focus on identifying opportunities for BayoTech’s on-site hydrogen generators throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.  

“Oregon is among the first-mover states that have signed statements of intent to accelerate the transition to zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicles”, said BayoTech Vice President of Channel, Jim Targonski. “John and Cascadia bring a wealth of experience in green fuels, zero emission transportation, fleet conversion, and more. We’re excited to partner with them and identify opportunities to introduce BayoTech’s on-site hydrogen generation technology to this growing market”. 

“Cascadia becoming an authorized agent for BayoTech is an important milestone both for the future of our company and the Pacific Northwest region we serve”, said Cascadia Energy Technologies President and Co-Founder, John Gentile. “BayoTech’s product line of such well designed and tested systems, and now commercially available with gas-as-a-service, fill a critical component of our end-to-end green fuel solutions. We will immediately be utilizing the product offering advantages to support green power, charging, and fueling system projects and proposals. Our sincere thank you to the wonderful professionals we dealt with and at Renewable Hydrogen Partners to complete agent status with BayoTech.”


About BayoTech:

BayoTech is a hydrogen generation technology company offering hydrogen production solutions through rentals, leases, sales and gas-as-a-service to customers worldwide. Headquartered and produced in New Mexico, USA, BayoTech’s on-site hydrogen generators are more efficient than legacy steam methane reformers, leading to lower carbon emissions and low-cost hydrogen.

 About Cascadia Energy Technologies  

Cascadia’s primary mission is to enable locally available, affordable, energy dense green fuel: clean, ultra-pure hydrogen. In addition, with fuel cell partnerships including Hyzon Motors, we assist port and large fleet owners in implementations of fuel cell powered, 100% Zero Emission truck, bus, and energy systems. Cascadia’s enablement of Local Fuel™ ‘eco-systems’ leads to market dynamics that accelerate the clean energy transition, developing more good paying jobs with future and greater local empowerment.