Bulk Hydrogen Transport Trailers

High-pressure, high-capacity gas transport trailers move more hydrogen in a smaller & lighter package, maximizing driver productivity.

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BayoTech’s HyFill®  line of bulk hydrogen transport trailers carries up to three times more hydrogen per load than traditional steel tube trailers. Higher payload means more sites can be refueled from each trailer, lowering transportation costs and increasing driver productivity.

Key Benefits
HyFill trailers carry more than 300,000 scf per load. More sites can be refueled per trip lowering transportation costs and maximizing driver productivity.
Refill customer storage cylinders directly on-site and avoid the complicated logistics of swapping and transporting empty cylinder packs.
With larger payloads drivers can take more efficient routes with less refueling time between deliveries and more time servicing customers.
Utilizing higher payloads per trailer means fewer delivery trips, lowering emissions from transportation and delivery.
BayoTech’s HyFill™ hydrogen transport equipment utilize the most efficient safety equipment in the industry.

All of our cylinders are fitted with our patented NorAm Valves thermal pressure relief device. Our proprietary, patented high-pressure valves provide the most lightweight, reliable, ball valve design for high-pressure cylinder-based gas storage. The ball valve configuration provides extremely high flow rates for both filling and discharging. Furthermore, they’re designed for a 3x burst strength, considerably higher than the industry norm.

Our trailers also come equipped with emergency shut off devices, fire extinguishers, and welded manifold connection to mitigate potential manifold leaks.
Bulk Hydrogen Transport Trailers
Bulk Hydrogen Transport Trailers Tandem 450 Quadrum 450 Tandem 520
Working Pressure 450 bar / 6,525 psig 450 bar / 6,525 psig 520 bar / 7,500 psig
Cylinder Water Volume 320 liters / 11.3 scf 320 liters / 11.3 scf 315 liters / 11.1 scf
# of Cylinders 40 75 50
Total Water Volume 12,800 liters / 454 scf 24,000 liters / 847.5 scf 15,750 liters / 555 scf
Hydrogen Capacity 366 kgs / 154,575 scf 686 kgs / 289,828 scf 501 kgs / 211,690 scf
Tare Weight (lbs) 35,000 57,000 43,100
Gross Weight (lbs) 36,000 58,500 44,300
Pod dimensions (L x W x H) 131” x 102” x 78” 131” x 102” x 78” 129” x 102” x 96”
Unit Dimensions (L x W x H) 324” x 102” x 150” 624” x 102” x 144” 324” x 96” x 159”

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