Gas Transport Modules

High-pressure transport modules create a low-cost, flexible virtual pipeline
for the movement of compressed gases.

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GTMs for Hydrogen

Rely on BayoTech’s GTM series for flexible hydrogen supply. The lightweight, compact trailers are available for purchase, lease or rental. Easily transported by standard pickup truck, the trailer can meet your fuel cell vehicle on location whether that be the test track, at the depot or on route. Fuel cell vehicles are refueled directly from the GTM trailer without additional infrastructure. Once depleted, hydrogen supply is replenished from our network of distributed hydrogen production hubs.


Key Benefits
BayoTech’s high-pressure trailers transport more hydrogen per load than traditional steel tube trailers.
The GTM meets your fuel cell vehicle or generator on-site, for quick refueling whenever and where ever it's needed.
BayoTech offers competitive rental, lease and purchase programs to match your business requirements.
GTM GPak4-XL GTM800-450 GTM1500-450
Working Pressure 350 bar / 5,000 psig 450 bar / 6,525 psig 450 bar / 6,525 psig
Cylinder Water Volume 116 liters / 4.1 scf 320 liters / 11.3 scf 320 liters / 11.3 scf
# of Cylinders 4 8 16
Total Water Volume 464 liters / 16.4 scf 2,560 liters / 90.4 scf 5,120 liters/ 180.8 scf
Hydrogen Capacity 10.8 kgs / 4,586 scf 73 kgs / 31,024 scf 146 kgs / 60,845 scf
Tare Weight (lbs) 800 7,500 13,365
Gross Weight (lbs) 850 7,660 13,715
Unit Dimensions (L x W x H) 133” x 67” x 60” 238” x 102” x 64” 238” x 102” x 104”
Truck-Hitch Type Required 1/2-ton pickup truck (ball or pintle) 3/4-ton pickup truck (ball or pintle) 1-ton pickup truck (ball or pintle)

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