H2 View: The importance of onsite hydrogen and a united voice

Originally published by Rob Cockerill, Managing Editor at H2View, on Apr 29, 2020 

If you haven’t yet heard of BayoTech, then you could perhaps be forgiven for that, for the time being at least. At just five years old in 2020, the company has perhaps not yet reached your radar. That is surely about to change, however, given the cost-competitive, carbon neutral technology it offers and the great strides forward it’s making.

BayoTech is an energy technology company offering on-site hydrogen production solutions through rentals, leases and sales to customers worldwide.

Its headquarters and manufacturing operations are based in New Mexico, US, but the company has a fast-growing sales and agent team with a global footprint that includes the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland and Korea. It’s easy to see why. BayoTech’s reformer technology delivers up to 99.999% pure hydrogen which meets the level required by hydrogen fuel cells, and in capacities ranging from 200kg to one tonne per day.

It’s this modularity and the ability to scale production that gives the BayoTech technology such a compelling point of difference, although it’s steam methane reformers are also more energy efficient than traditional hydrogen production, a point made by the company’s President and CEO Mo Vargas in an exclusive interview with H2 View.

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