Hydrogen Fuel Cell Light Towers

Portable, zero-emission lighting with quiet operation perfect for events, film sets and much more.

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Keeping your operations well-lit with reliable, easy-to-use lighting is essential. BayoTech’s zero-emission light towers are the perfect solution for delivering light right where you need it, with less noise and emissions than traditional light towers. The powerful fuel cell engine provides long run times paired with LED lights for maximum uptime so you don’t have to worry about constant servicing.

Key Benefits
The compact, lightweight, single axle trailer can be towed to any location where light is needed. It can be pulled by a small passenger vehicle and is easy to operate and refuel.
Rest assured knowing that your event or work site isn’t bothered by loud gas engines. This unit operates quietly with it’s zero-emission fuel cell engine providing ample lighting without the extra noise.
Rely on BayoTech to monitor the fuel supply and replenish the hydrogen as required from our network of distributed hydrogen production hubs.
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Light Tower
Fuel Cell Power 1 kW
Voltage Output (nominal) 48VDC
Amps 20.8
# of Cylinders 6
Hydrogen Capacity (kgs) 1.1
Equivalent Power Capacity (kW) 17.5
Refill Model Swappable Cylinders
Dimensions 48"H x 48"W x 72"L

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