Longer drone flight times and quick cylinder swaps are made possible by BayoTech.

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An essential component of a fuel cell-based drone solution is the ability to transport hydrogen to the job site and refill a drone’s 6,000 psig hydrogen fuel tank. BayoTech’s MicroRefueler is the answer for on-site refilling of small, high-pressure hydrogen cylinders powering fuel cell drones and other applications. Cylinders can be swapped and refilled quickly, to keep drones in operation and minimize downtime.

Key Benefits
The compact, lightweight, single axle trailer can be towed to any location the drone is being operated. It is easily pulled by a small passenger vehicle and no special hazmat license is required.
Using a boost compressor filling from the onboard, high-volume, high-pressure industrial gas cylinder enables tight control of the flight tank pressure. This significantly reduces residual hydrogen in the source container.
MicroRefueler Series'
Microrefueler - S Microrefueler - XL
Working pressure 350 bar / 5,075 psig
Cylinder water volume 116 ltr / 4.1 scf 290 ltr / 10.3 scf
# of cylinders 2 2
Total water volume (scf) 8.2 20.5
Hydrogen capacity (scf) 2,320 5,800
Hydrogen capacity (kgs) 5.5px 13.8
Tare weight (lbs) 470 1,800
Gross weight (lbs) 480 1,830
Pod dimensions (WxHxL) 42" x 40" x 50" 6' x 5' x 5'

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