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The US Department of Transportation requires all high-pressure gas storage systems have a pressure relief device (PRD) or thermal relief device (TRD) in the event of a fire and the resulting dangerous buildup of pressure that can rupture a cylinder. The traditional option is based on eutectic metal in an orifice. When a fire occurs, the metal will melt, thereby opening the vent line to enable a rapid release of gas.

There are two key problems with this option. Over time, the eutectic metal can be forced out of the orifice which can lead to a premature release of gas. Secondly, if a fire does occur and the metal melts, not all of the molten material can be forced out of the orifice. The Joule-Thompson Effect can resolidify the metal inside the vent line, blocking it again.

BayoTech’s proprietary, patent-protected CG9 PRD solution does away with the eutectic metal and replaces the orifice barrier with a more reliable glass sphere. The glass bulb cannot be extruded due to long periods of high pressure. Further, when it bursts due to heat and pressure, there is no danger of residual blockage of the venting process.

Key Benefits
The glass-bulb orifice barrier is activated by temperature (102°C), not pressure. It has a faster reaction time than traditional thermal relief devices. Even if a cylinder is less than full, the device can be activated in a fire.
BayoTech’s PRD has a flow rate that exceeds any other product currently available. By eliminating the eutectic metal, there is no danger of residual blockage of the venting process. Emergency venting can occur efficiently and rapidly, thereby greatly improving safety.
BayoTech’s glass bulb PRD technology is an easy-to-install drop-in replacement for traditional Sherwood CG4/CG5 thermal relief devices used with most Type III and Type IV composite cylinders.

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