Glass Bulb Pressure Relief Devices

Superior performance, higher reliability, and greater safety with glass-blub PRD technology

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NorAm Valves designs and manufactures premier pressure relief devices (PRD) for the gas transport industry. The thermally-activated PRD protects against failure of a pressurized cylinder by quickly releasing the contained gas. Replacing the less reliable eutectic metal or fusible metal orifice barriers with glass bulb technology. NorAm’s patented PRD is the most reliable and safest option in the marketplace today.

The PRD complies with the Compressed Gas Association’s Pressure Relief Device Standards Part 1 CGA S-1.1 – 2022 types CG-9 (natural gas) and CG-10 (Hydrogen) for use on cylinders up to 7540 psi (520 bar).

Key Benefits
The glass bulb is activated by temperature (102°C), not pressure. It has a faster reaction time than traditional thermal relief devices. Even if a cylinder is less than full, the device can be activated in a fire.
BayoTech’s PRD has a flow rate that exceeds any other product currently available. With glass bulb technology, there is no danger of residual metal blocking the venting process. Emergency venting can occur efficiently and rapidly, thereby greatly improving safety.
BayoTech’s glass bulb PRD technology is an easy-to-install drop-in replacement for traditional Sherwood CG4/CG5 thermal relief devices used with most Type III and Type IV composite cylinders.

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