Sandia National Laboratories awarded FLC Tech Transfer Award in 2020.

Sandia Wins Tech Transfer Award for Successfully Licensing Technology to BayoTech

Originally published by Sandia National Labs on Nov 18, 2020

Sandia National Laboratories received an Excellence in Technology Transfer Award from the Federal Labs Consortium due to the success of licensing high-efficiency hydrogen generation technology to BayoTech, a New Mexico company that developed a solution for on-site production of low-cost, low-carbon hydrogen.

BayoTech’s modular, scalable and rapidly deployable generators produce hydrogen at the point of use, eliminating the cost and carbon emissions associated with liquification and transportation.

“Hydrogen will be a key enabler for the global energy transition,” said BayoTech Director of Research and Development Robert Moore. “BayoTech’s high-efficiency hydrogen generation technology provides a consistent, cost-effective supply of low-carbon hydrogen that can power zero-emission transportation, decarbonize industry and accelerate the transition to a clean energy future.”

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