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Time is money. Save transport costs by moving more hydrogen per load with BayoTech’s compact, high-capacity transport trailers.

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Solutions for Industrial Gas Distributors

HyFill® Transport Trailer

Fuel Storage Module

Carry More Hydrogen, Generate Higher Profits

Supplying hydrogen to meet the demand from industrial users and fuel cell equipment operators is now a major business around the world. But moving hydrogen from centralized production sites over long distances in low-volume steel tube trailers is inefficient and costly. 


High-Pressure Gas Transport

Industrial gas distributors throughout the United States trust BayoTech’s high-pressure gas transport and storage equipment to deliver high volumes of hydrogen reliably and efficiently.

BayoTech’s high-pressure, Type III cylinder-based transport trailers carry up to three times more compressed hydrogen than any other technology.

Boost Driver Productivity

At the customers’ site, fill hydrogen storage cylinders directly from BayoTech trailers. This eliminates the logistics cost of swapping cylinders and hauling empty cylinders to a central fill site for refilling. Instead, spend more time delivering high-value hydrogen fuel. High-capacity trailers carry up to 318,000 scf of hydrogen.

Fewer trips to the fill site and more time on the road saves time and money. Upgrade your fleet with BayoTech transport trailers.

Key Benefits

BayoTech’s bulk hydrogen transport trailers hold up to three times more than steel tube trailers. More sites can be refueled per trip lowering transportation costs and maximizing driver productivity.
Customers’ hydrogen storage cylinders are refilled directly on-site from BayoTech’s transport equipment. Avoid the complicated logistics of swapping and transporting empty cylinder packs. Minimize the overhead costs of cylinder pack inventory.
Higher payloads per trailer mean fewer delivery trips, lowering emissions from transportation. Purchase hydrogen from BayoTech’s distributed production hubs and travel shorter distances to the end customer.

Product Portfolio

Gas Transport

BayoTech’s high-pressure gas transport trailers move more hydrogen in a smaller, lighter package.

Bulk Hydrogen
Transport Trailers

Fill more customer sites and maximize driver productivity with BayoTech’s HyFill® high-capacity trailers.

Ground Storage

BayoTech’s ground storage modules are ideal for long-term bulk hydrogen storage.