Colorado Hydrogen Network

BayoTech Joins the Colorado Hydrogen Network and Colorado Cleantech Industries Association

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (March 16, 2021) — BayoTech is proud to announce our membership with the Colorado Hydrogen Network (CHN) and Colorado Cleantech Industries Association (CCIA). The CHN is a non-profit, membership-based hydrogen advocacy organization.  Its primary goal is to promote the environmental and economic benefits of hydrogen and fuel cell technology, especially for transportation.  The CHN is sponsored by Colorado Cleantech Industries Association and is led by Officers and an Advisory Board.

“Colorado has laid out an ambitious plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% within the next nine years and hydrogen will play a critical part in achieving it”, said BayoTech Vice President of Business Development, Scott Dyer. “The Colorado Hydrogen Network provides a voice and a platform for the companies and organizations that are advancing fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies within the state. We look forward to working together with the CHN and its members to help promote hydrogen as a pathway to decarbonization and zero emission transportation in Colorado”.      

“We are excited to welcome BayoTech as a new CHN and CCIA member and valued part of our cleantech ecosystem”, said CCIA Executive Director, Helen El Mallakh. “It’s critical to connect with and support major innovators, like BayoTech, who are driving expansion of cleaner, more environmentally friendly, and secure forms of energy. By focusing on affordable and accessible hydrogen while reducing carbon emissions, BayoTech continues to move the carbon neutrality ball forward.”

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