BayoTech Partners with La Puerta Colombia

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (September 24, 2020) — BayoTech is pleased to welcome our newest authorized agent, Jaco Mijderwijk.  Jaco is the 20th authorized agent to join BayoTech in the past 10 months, rounding out BayoTech’s broad global footprint. Jaco brings over 20 years of experience in ICT, logistics and fleet management. Through his company, La Puerta Colombia, Jaco will focus on identifying opportunities for BayoTech’s onsite hydrogen generators throughout Latin America and the Netherlands.

BayoTech and La Puerta Logos

“Transportation of hydrogen is a challenge for many Latin American countries with road transport being the only option for some”, said BayoTech Vice President of Channel, Jim Targonski.  “With BayoTech’s hub-and-spoke hydrogen gas-as-a-service model we can strategically place generators that make low-cost hydrogen accessible in key areas of demand. With over 10 years of experience in Latin markets, Jaco is uniquely positioned to help introduce BayoTech to this up-and-coming market”. 

“By making low-cost hydrogen available with such a small footprint, the possibilities are virtually limitless”, said La Puerta Columbia Founder, Jaco Mijderwijk.  “With one solution you create flexibility at a low total cost of ownership.”

Jaco added, “Hydrogen adoption has been steadily increasing across Latin America and is already firmly established in the Netherlands.  I’m excited to utilize my experience and long standing relationships to position BayoTech to gain market share across both territories”.

La Puerta Colombia was founded early 2015 by Jaco Mijderwijk, who moved from Holland to Colombia in 2012. Having worked for various IT companies for over 20 years as an international senior sales executive, he was commissioned to setup sales in Latin America for a Dutch automotive company.

Interested in learning more about BayoTech’s low cost hydrogen solutions? Contact us and a BayoTech representative will be in touch to discuss your hydrogen needs.