Combination Valve Regulators

A state-of -the art, lightweight combination valve and regulator for hydrogen drones

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NorAm offers a state-of -the art combination valve pressure regulator for the evolving drone market. With hydrogen fuel cells beginning to replace burdensome electric battery systems, there is a growing demand for equally lightweight products that can improve drone efficiency and flight time. The combination valve pressure regulator is an ideal solution for the next generation of drones.

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Key Benefits
At 2.79” wide by 1.36” deep (excluding threaded stem into the cylinder), the combination valve pressure regulator weighs only 0.37 pounds. The lightweight aluminum construction ensures maximum payload capability.
The combination valve pressure regulator includes an ultra-fast version of NorAm Valve’s proprietary glass-blub pressure relief device (PRD). The PRD ensures emergency venting can occur efficiently and rapidly, thereby greatly improving safety.
The 3-stage regulator can handle 6,000 psi input and provide as low as 10 psi output to a fuel cell. Features include a pressure gauge port, “quick fill” port, internal pressure sensor (4-20 mA or 0-5vdc), pigtail wires for connection to the pressure sensor, a manual valve for isolating the regulator from tank pressure, a screw for output pressure adjustment, and an ultra-fast PRD.

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