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Low-cost, low-carbon hydrogen delivered on demand.

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BayoGaaS, BayoTech’s gas-as-a-service option, provides customers with low-cost hydrogen on demand. Get dependable access to as much hydrogen as you require, when you need it, delivered where you need it.

Customers pay for fuel by the kilogram and choose from multiple modes of supply. Advantages include minimal capital investment in infrastructure, short-term contracts and flexibility to meet fluctuating demand.

BayoTech will be producing fuel locally at our BayoGaas™ hydrogen hubs and distributing it to nearby consumers via three-times more efficient high-pressure transport trailers. We’ll fuel your application directly from our trailers or fill your on-site storage cylinders. High-pressure delivery and onsite storage mean less frequent trips to your site, minimizing disruptions.

It’s the ideal way to get started with hydrogen fuel. Want to learn more? Contact BayoTech to discover a BayoGaaS™ hydrogen hub in your region. 


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