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BayoTech and Cross River Infrastructure Partners Announce Hydrogen Gas-as-a-Service

BayoTech, an innovative on-site hydrogen production company, has announced a partnership with Cross River Infrastructure Partners, a sustainable infrastructure development platform, to form a company which will provide customers in North America with distributed, low cost, low carbon hydrogen gas-as-a-service. This will enable customers to obtain dependable access to hydrogen without having to spend capital on infrastructure.
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BayoTech Partners with Intralink Japan

BayoTech is excited to announce a new agreement with Intralink to help lead our push into the Japanese hydrogen energy market. Intralink has over 25 years of market experience in the region and an unrivalled network that extends to executives at leading Japanese companies across key growth sectors.
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H2 View: The importance of onsite hydrogen and a united voice

If you haven’t yet heard of BayoTech, then you could perhaps be forgiven for that, for the time being at least. At just five years old in 2020, the company has perhaps not yet reached your radar. That is surely about to change, however, given the cost-competitive, carbon neutral technology it offers and the great strides forward it’s making.
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