Introducing BayoGaaS™ Hydrogen Hubs

A whole new way to supply hydrogen

For hydrogen, local is a gamechanger. Producing on a small scale with our patented technology, BayoTech is making reliable, cost-effective, low-carbon hydrogen right in your community. Delivery is short-haul – lowering both emission and cost. Leave all the details of supply, delivery and storage to us. We make hydrogen easy.


Hydrogen Hubs

to be deployed in North America and Europe

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Kilograms of Hydrogen

to be produced daily at BayoGaaS™ Hydrogen Hubs

Be a Part of the Hydrogen Revolution

Partner with BayoTech for hydrogen solutions
to decarbonize your business


Fuel Cell
Equipment Operators

Hydrogen supply and refueling solutions for fuel cell buses, trucks, drones and backup power.

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Industrial Gas

High-capacity hydrogen transport and on-site filling solutions to lower distribution costs.

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Natural Gas

Gas transport trailers to supply CNG during shutdowns. Hydrogen fuel for blending projects.

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Create carbon-negative, renewable hydrogen from landfill gas, wastewater and animal waste.

The BayoTech Advantage


Affordable clean hydrogen produced locally & supplied reliably when and where you need it.


Flexible hydrogen supply & infrastructure solutions designed to grow with your demand.


Low-carbon and carbon-negative hydrogen solutions to fuel your sustainability goals.

Making Hydrogen Easy

BayoTech Product Portfolio


Scalable Hydrogen Solutions

Partner with BayoTech for a complete portfolio of hydrogen production, transport, storage and fueling solutions to grow with your business. No matter where you are on your hydrogen journey, BayoTech’s products are the solution for a reliable, sustainable hydrogen supply.

So you can get on with your business and leave the details to us.

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Sustainability at BayoTech
Partner with BayoTech to decarbonize your business. Our platform offers multiple pathways to low-carbon and zero-carbon hydrogen.

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